Episode 5: Grant Cardone

In life, you are either a winner or a loser - that’s the bottom line.

You want to get rich, but you're stuck in the middle-class hamster wheel. The banks? They’re screwing you over. The "American Dream" of buying a house? It's a trap. Casinos are built on the backs of the little guy, and banks are no different. They make the rich richer and keep you enslaved to debt. But what if you could flip the script?

If you know me, then you know how I roll—REAL TALK, no BS. And today's show is no different. If you're tired of the same old, recycled advice from so-called "experts" and want the real deal on how to break out of the rat race and master the Real Estate game, and learn how to go from broke to billionaire, from an actually certified billionaire, then this week's podcast episode is for you.

This is probably one of my favorite episodes of all time, featuring the one and only Grant Cardone.

This isn’t just another podcast—this is a masterclass in disruption.

Grant Cardone breaks it all down. From buying real estate that appreciates over time to leveraging debt the right way, this episode is packed with actionable insights. We're not talking about making a quick buck dropshipping—we’re talking about creating generational wealth. In this episode, Grant doesn’t hold back, and neither do I. He lays out the entire scam of the financial system and shows you how to beat them at their own game.

Don't be another passive observer. Take control of your financial future. Listen to this episode, absorb the knowledge, and start making moves. It’s time to stop feeding the beast and start disrupting the system.

Stop being a pawn in the game played by banks and big corporations. It’s time to flip the script. Listen to the latest episode of The Latino Capitalist Podcast and arm yourself with the knowledge to disrupt the system. You deserve more than just getting by – you deserve to thrive.

Don’t let the American Dream turn into an American Nightmare. Take the first step towards financial freedom today.

Remember, it’s not just about listening—it’s about taking action. Transform your mindset, disrupt your financial status quo, and let’s start winning together.

Stay Disruptive,

Tony Delgado

P.S. If you’re serious about changing your financial future, this episode is your blueprint. Don’t miss it. 🚀