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  • Episode 3: How To Build A Billion Dollar Empire Feat Elena Cardone

Episode 3: How To Build A Billion Dollar Empire Feat Elena Cardone

How To Build A Billion Dollar Empire Feat Gabriela Berrospi & Elena Cardone

I hope this email finds you well. I'm thrilled to share with you our latest podcast episode featuring the incredible Elena Cardone, a true powerhouse in the world of business and real estate.

In this captivating episode, Elena Cardone, author of the best-selling book "Build an Empire," shares her remarkable journey from Hollywood to becoming a successful businesswoman with a real estate portfolio worth billions. She dives deep into the mindset and strategies that propelled her and her husband, Grant Cardone, to the top of the game. 

What you will learn in this podcast episode:

  • 1. Introduction of Elena Cardone: Gabriela Berrospi introduces Elena Cardone, highlighting her diverse career as a Hollywood actress, model, competitive sports shooter, author, and successful businesswoman. Elena is known for her book "Build an Empire" and her role as an executive producer for various successful events.

  • 2. Building a Real Estate Empire: Elena and her husband, Grant Cardone, have built a real estate portfolio worth $3.7 billion, soon to be $4.2 billion. Elena emphasizes that even at this level, the numbers are still hard to comprehend, and achieving such success requires envisioning oneself as a billionaire and taking actions aligned with that vision.

  • 3. Mindset and Purpose: Elena discusses the importance of mindset in achieving financial goals, explaining that she and Grant worked towards their targets for over a decade. She stresses the need for a clear purpose, which can evolve over time, and encourages people to keep moving forward even if they haven't yet found their big "why."

  • 4. Family and Business Balance: Elena talks about integrating family and business life, highlighting the importance of having a shared purpose and coordinated effort within the family. She explains how she involves her children in their goals, ensuring everyone plays a role and contributes to the family's success.

  • 5. Real Estate Opportunities and Concerns: Elena addresses concerns about entering the real estate market, emphasizing that it's never too late to start. She promotes a model that allows agents to earn secondary income and gain equity ownership in their brokerage, making real estate a viable and lucrative option for people worldwide.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain unparalleled knowledge from one of the industry's leading figures. Tune in now and let Elena Cardone's journey ignite your drive to achieve greatness.

Thank you for being a part of the Latino Capitalist community. We can't wait to hear your thoughts on this empowering episode!

Talk soon,

Tony Delgado

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